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Shackle Mounts for Winch Mount

Shackle Mounts for Winch Mount

SKU: 126351351935

2 Shackle mounts for on the winch mounts are welded on the face and under the winch mount for strongest pulling points. They look best with the 95-97 Toyota Tacoma bumpers or the 96-98 4runner bumpers or those who remove the lower valance or even run no bumper. (You'll want the single fairlead location option for with shackle mounts)

Also works great with the 1st gen Tundras, FJ's and 2nd gen Tacomas. 1st gen Sequoias requires cutting a bit more of the lower center section.

Made in the USA


    Shackle mounts will be welded to winch mounts when ordered at the same time as the winch mounts. If not ordered at the same time, they will need to be welded on.

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